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The Museum of History & Industry’s (MOHAI) permanent exhibit, True Northwest: The Seattle Journey, traverses through the real Seattle story: from an age when Native American cultures first came into contact with Europeans to the region’s transformation into a major global hub.

Find out how the city rebuilt after a devastating fire, made a fortune in a legendary gold rush, reshaped its natural setting, boomed during two World Wars and two World’s Fairs, and challenged the status quo in the 20th century.


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Through June 2, 2019

Tinker Tower

Welcome to the Tinker Tower, a space for young children to innovate through play! Being curious, asking questions, and exploring solutions are all part of the fun of learning. MOHAI’s Tinker Tower allows children the opportunity to solve problems and practice independent thinking. Tools and tips are provided in the exhibit to help adults understand early learning experiences, including ideas about how to engage with children while they tinker and explore the museum.

Through April 28, 2019

Live Wires: The Cable TV Revolution

From pioneer broadcasts to modern broadband, Northwest innovators led the nation in the cable TV revolution. Live Wires tells the story of the men and women who launched the first cable systems, shaped an industry, and changed American viewing habits forever.

Permanent Exhibit

Bezos Center for Innovation

Explore how innovation shaped the Puget Sound region and changed the world. Through interactive exhibits, community and educational programs, and first-person insights from leading innovators, discover Seattle’s role as a nexus of big ideas and new directions.

Permanent Exhibit

True Northwest: The Seattle Journey

Discover how Puget Sound’s dramatic environment, diverse population, connections to the broader world, and inventive spirit have shaped its history.

Permanent Exhibit

Maritime Seattle

Maritime Seattle celebrates Seattle’s long relationship with water, and illustrates how maritime and industrial activities have shaped what the city has become.

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