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Living Voices: Journey from the Dust

This event has passed.

Share the story of America’s families confronted by the stock market crash of 1929 and the Dust Bowl. Struggling to keep his family together, one young man experiences the loss of his home, the separation of his family, and economic prejudice. Travel hundreds of miles from Oklahoma to the Grand Coulee Dam and discover an American tragedy and the courage to survive.

Living Voices combines live theatrical performances with archival film, turning history into a moving personal journey. This performance will take place in the Joshua Green Foundation Theater on MOHAI’s second floor.

Suitable for guests 11 years (5th grade) to adult.

For accessibility support, please contact two weeks before the program.

Image Credit: MOHAI, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Collection, PI22393

Location: Joshua Green Foundation Theater

Cost: Free with Admission

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