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Through January 1, 2025

Kid-Struction Zone

Create your own fun in MOHAI’s Kid-Struction Zone!

Be the newest builder in Seattle, take time out to read a book, or enjoy the view of Lake Union. Rotating elements include a Duplo table and tool bench, reading stations, historic photographs, magnet boards and a felt table, and graphic panels with ideas for building structures with blocks.

For children 2–7 years old and their caregivers, Kid-Struction Zone helps young visitors learn through fun, hands-on interactions while stimulating curiosity and creativity.

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Kid-Struction Zone is located in the Ted and Linda Johnson Family Community Gallery.

Exhibit Features

Calling all young architects and builders! Unleash your creativity and imagination at MOHAI’s Kid-Struction Zone.

Our Kid-Struction Zone is packed with exciting features that will keep your little ones engaged for hours. Let their tiny hands explore the Duplo table and tool bench, where dreams take shape with every block. Watch as they discover new worlds through historic photographs, or see their imaginations run wild with our felt table and magnet boards. Remember to check out our graphic panels, packed with ideas to build awe-inspiring structures.

Designed for children aged 2-7 and their caregivers, Kid-Struction Zone is more than just a play area. It’s a place where learning becomes an adventure, where curiosity thrives, and where creativity knows no limits. Bring your young explorer and watch them embark on a journey of discovery through hands-on interactions that will leave them inspired and craving more!

Build Knowledge with MOHAI!

Create with Hands-on Toys

Children can explore their creativity with a broad collection of wooden building blocks and toy trucks.

Work as a Team!

Children can work independently or team up to design and construct their creations.

Construction Tools

Investigate the various tools used in construction work.

Come to Play

Small children will enjoy the many manipulatives available for interaction.

Test Your Construction Skills

Get to work on the construction site with a number of block building challenges.

Right Sized for Kids

Enjoy children sized tables for hands on building activities.

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