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Bezos Center for Innovation

What does innovation look like? Who innovates, where does it happen, and how do great ideas evolve? Discover the creativity and ingenuity of Puget Sound’s residents in the Bezos Center for Innovation.

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Seattleites are known inventors. From dimming windows in the Dreamliner to the sound waves used in the Sonicare toothbrush, the people in the Puget Sound region are entrepreneurs at heart and have boundary-pushing visions. Discover Seattle’s role as a nexus of big ideas and new directions through interactive exhibits and first-person insights from leading innovators. Tackle a challenge in the Idea Lab, discover a Seattle-made invention on the Patent Tree, and check out cutting-edge concepts in What’s Next.

Ignite the innovator within!

The Bezos Center for Innovation received the 2014 Alliance of American Museums Muse Best Museum Interactive Award for Interpretive Interactive Installations.

Ignite the Innovator Within

Photo: Lara Swimmer

It Takes a Place Like Seattle

Seattle and the Puget Sound region are a hotbed for innovation. A remarkable number of inventions have come from the metro Seattle area. What are the ingredients for this culture of creativity?

Photo: Lara Swimmer

Patent Pending

Innovative places like Seattle fosters a culture of creativity and discovery. Patents record and protect those new ideas.

Photo: Nicole Ryan

Born Exploring

People are born explorers, and good ideas happen when people from different backgrounds work together. How did the Seattle area encourage people to explore innovation?

Photo: Barbie Hull

Ideas That Change the World

Businesses originating in Puget Sound like Boeing, Eddie Bauer, Costco, and Amazon have changed Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, the United States, and the world.

Photo: Nicole Ryan

What Innovation Is Next?

The latest ground-breaking ideas are featured in a rotating section within the Bezos Center for Innovation. Explore how a team of local innovators at Stratos devised new ways of getting vaccines to children in remotes areas of the globe, using pioneering technology to make the Passive Vaccine Storage Device.

Innovative Seattle

Trailblazing Histories Audio Tour

Seattle’s history of innovation, ingenuity, and inventiveness is long. Learn about some of the artifacts connected to Seattle’s trailblazing histories in True Northwest: The Seattle Journey.

What's Next with Nick Hanauer

The 2016 What’s Next: Innovation Breakfast featured entrepreneur, venture capitalist, civic activist, and author Nick Hanauer discussing the important role of diversity in innovative communities, and how it strengthens our ability to compete on a global stage.

Upcoming Events

The Seattle 10: Class of 2017

Each year, the most innovative start-up companies in the Puget Sound region are chosen as the Seattle 10, and their original business plans are displayed on giant cocktail napkins in a temporary pop-up exhibit.


Leveraging artificial intelligence to create genuine interactions

Amplero’s artificial intelligence marketing platform leverages machine learning to optimize customer interactions. Their proprietary system allows companies to quickly test and analyze thousands of scenarios, so they can automatically deliver the correct message or experience to maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty.


Making housing accessible and affordable for everyone

Blokable creates sleek and environmentally-friendly modular housing units for community-based developers who desire an optimally functional, turn-key unit. The company’s 260-square-foot MicroBlok modular units, which include full bathrooms and kitchenettes, focus on affordable and workforce housing developments, student housing, and senior living.


Helping applicants successfully navigate the legal immigration process

Boundless empowers families to navigate the immigration system more confidently, rapidly, and affordably. The startup collects information from applicants and uses technology to fill out forms, offer advice, and provide support along the way. Once the application packet is complete, Boundless reviews the paperwork, helps the customer submit it, and provides interview preparation, educational materials, and reminders for deadlines.


Bringing the feeling of touch to virtual reality

HaptX helps make virtual experiences indistinguishable from real life. The startup has developed a “haptic textile” that works with virtual reality hardware to give users the sensation of touch as they experience virtual reality. The “haptic textile” simulates lifelike touch, allowing users to feel the texture, shape, motion, vibration, and temperature of virtual objects.


Transforming IT into a business accelerator

Heptio provides training, support, and services to speed integration of Kubernetes, one of the key building blocks in helping developers simplify how they deploy software. Heptio helps scale Kubernetes for developers and operators, reducing the cost and complexity of running these systems in production environments.


Giving home buyers a boost

Loftium helps home buyers get over the down payment hurdle. The company pays part of the down payment for home buyers willing to rent out a spare bedroom in their new house on Airbnb and split the profits, allowing home buyers to overcome high down payment costs and purchase the house of their dreams.


Revolutionizing the way food crops are grown

Phytelligence uses a proprietary growing process to ensure plants are healthier, virus-free, and genetically confirmed before they ship to growers. The startup’s unique culture process grows trees in a custom gel blend rather than traditional soil — a method that provides all necessary nutrients without the need for water. Each variety and type of plant receives its own custom gel formulation, ensuring that it’s ready to take off as soon as it’s planted.


Building a safer football helmet

Vicis engineers cutting-edge football helmets designed to mitigate the forces thought to cause concussions. Unlike traditional helmets, the outer shell is deformable and yields much like a car bumper upon impact, helping young athletes avoid concussions and play safer.


Making car repair hassle free

Wrench matches certified car repair experts with those in need of a fix. Customers book services online and Wrench sends a certified mechanic to their preferred location to perform the repair. The startup’s services cover almost anything that a shop or dealership would provide, offering everything from oil changes, tune ups, to brake jobs.


Improving the connection between physicians and patients

Xealth is a cloud-based platform that allows doctors to send digital treatments like instructional videos to patients. Their platform lets hospitals take advantage of materials from digital vendors and integrates with existing tools like electronic medical records. Patients can then actively manage their health by accessing these digital tools from their provider’s portal.


The Bezos Center for Innovation was curated by Margaret O’Mara, PhD, Lorraine McConaghy, PhD, and Alan Maskin.

Exhibit Support

The Bezos Center for Innovation is generously supported by a lead gift from Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos.

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