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Innovation Exchange

Thursday, April 20, 2023
4 – 8 pm

Pushing the Boundaries of Aerospace Technology

MOHAI’s 14th annual Innovation Exchange event will bring together leaders and influencers to explore and celebrate the Puget Sound region’s industrial and educational contributions to the aerospace industry. Our region’s diverse history in aerospace has birthed a burgeoning $4.6 billion local launchpad for global missions reaching new space innovation.

Aviation and space fans, students, professionals, hobbyists and experts, young and old, are all welcome to join us for this can’t-miss event as MOHAI shines a spotlight on aerospace technology, rocket launches and more.

This exciting event will reach “Max q” when we recognize our Leading Edge Innovators-young entrepreneurs in our community committed to tangible change, accountability, and innovation by pushing new boundaries in space.

Guests will also have opportunities for networking over refreshments after the panel discussions.

Location: MOHAI

Cost: $75 General | $50 MOHAI Member | $25 Student


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