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2023 Innovation Exchange

Innovation stemming from the Pacific Northwest has changed the world. Seattle is, and always has been, home to distinguished visionaries. From products and services, music, and airplanes, to medicine and social wellbeing, the ideas cultivated here have had a global impact.

How has this small corner of the country had such an enormous impact? What are the stories of this unique locale that bring people together? What are the objects and narratives from the past that delight, disturb, and inspire?

MOHAI programs and exhibits bring these questions to life, and the 2023 Innovation Exchange celebrates and explores Seattle’s distinct role as an innovation incubator.

Pushing the Boundaries of Aerospace Technology

MOHAI’s 14th annual Innovation Exchange event will bring together leaders and influencers to explore and celebrate the Puget Sound region’s industrial and educational contributions to the aerospace industry. Our region’s diverse history in aerospace has birthed a burgeoning $4.6 billion local launchpad for global missions reaching new space innovation.

Aviation and space fans, students, professionals, hobbyists and experts, young and old, are all welcome to join us for this can’t-miss event as MOHAI shines a spotlight on aerospace technology, rocket launches and more.

This exciting event will reach “Max q” when we recognize our Leading Edge Innovators-young entrepreneurs in our community committed to tangible change, accountability, and innovation by pushing new boundaries in space.

Guests will also have opportunities for networking over refreshments after the panel discussions.

Hear from Current Aerospace Leaders

MOHAI is pleased to welcome some of the most respected leaders in the aerospace industry to the 2023 Innovation Exchange.

Phil Joyce (Blue Origin), Tim Kienberger (LeoStella), Brian E. O'Toole (BlackSky), and Mike Sinnett (The Boeing Company) will take the stage to share their insights with attendees. Don’t miss your chance to hear from these leading-edge innovators!

2023 Innovation Exchange Leading-Edge Innovators - Phil Joyce (Blue Origin), Tim Kienberger (LeoStella), Brian E. O'Toole (BlackSky), and Mike Sinnett (The Boeing Company)

Network with the Seattle Tech Community

2022 Innovation Exchange

An extraordinary in-person program with local innovators and visionaries, MOHAI invites you to the 13th annual Innovation Exchange, The program will explore the pressing topics of environmental sustainability and the global climate crisis, and how these issues can be addressed. MOHAI will also highlight work from some of Seattle’s newest, leading-edge innovators.

An insightful and provocative event, this year’s featured innovator, Sally Jewel, served as US Secretary of the Interior from 2013-17, following 8 years as CEO of outdoor retailer REI. Her 45-year career spanned engineering, banking, retail, government, and academia, all interconnected through her volunteer service. Jewell is currently the Fritzky Chair in Leadership for the University of Washington Foster School of Business and has focused her work over the last 20 years on aligning economic interests with environmental sustainability, with a particular interest in supporting the next generation of diverse leaders.

Innovation Exchange will be moderated by Chris Voorhees, President, and CEO of First Mode, and MOHAI Trustee.

Join the conversation with some of the key figures from leading institutions in the community, including:

The Innovation Exchange is co-chaired by MOHAI Trustees Harald Becker, Maren Higbee and Hilary Laney. Proceeds from this annual fundraiser support MOHAI’s mission to highlight our regional tradition of innovation and imagination, including our K-12 education programs serving nearly 30,000 students, teachers, and families each year.

2021 Innovation Exchange Virtual Event

MOHAI’s 12th Annual Innovation Exchange Virtual event, held on Jul 28, 2021, presented an extraordinary program featuring thought leaders from our community! Innovation Exchange celebrated leaders and organizations that embody our region’s spirit of innovation and drive the advancement of science, technology, and industry. The program included a first look at Da Vinci—Inventions, as we explore the foundations of modern-day inspiration and ingenuity.

Watch the 2021 Innovation Exchange

Featured presenters included:

A special thank you to all Innovation Exchange virtual event sponsors:

  • Gold Sponsors | Amazon, The Boeing Company
  • Silver Sponsors | B2Launch, First Mode, GM Nameplate
  • Advocate Sponsors | ISOutsource, Mike Repass

Generous in-kind event support was provided by Mighty Media Studios and Translated.

2020 Innovation Exchange Virtual Event

With more than 315 registrants, the 11th Annual Innovation Exchange virtual event, held on September 30, was an overwhelming success! The Pacific Northwest has a strong tradition of innovation and imagination. This virtual event celebrated the impact of innovation by telling the story of our community’s response to COVID-19. Personal insight from individuals and organizations that have made swift transformations during the pandemic resulting in advancements in industry and public service were highlighted.

Watch the 2020 Innovation Exchange

Featured presenters included:

  • JEileen Aparis, Vice President of Job Training & Education at Seattle Goodwill
  • Jane Broom, Senior Director, Microsoft Philanthropies
  • JEdouardo Jordan, Chef and Owner, Salare, JuneBaby, and Lucinda Grain Bar
  • JChris Odell, Engagement Officer, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)
  • JBrad Root, President, GM Nameplate

A special thank you to our Innovation Exchange virtual event sponsors:

  • Gold Sponsors | Amazon, The Boeing Company
  • Silver Sponsors | B2Launch, First Mode, GM Nameplate
  • Advocate Sponsors | ISOutsource, Mike Repass
  • Generous in-kind event support was provided by Mighty Media Studios and Translated.

2019 Innovation Exchange

The 10th Annual Innovation Exchange event was held on May 22 in support of MOHAI’s mission to highlight our region’s tradition of innovation and imagination. The generosity of our guests ensures that our next generation has access to educational programs that empower young people to shape their own future and inspire them to become tomorrow’s innovators.

The event, moderated by civic leader Maggie Walker and MOHAI Executive Director Leonard Garfield, shined a spotlight on the dramatic transformation of South Lake Union as one of the world’s great hubs for innovation and explored how the neighborhood, and the larger Seattle community, can stay completive in the global marketplace.

MOHAI is grateful to the event’s featured speakers, which included:

  • Ada Healey, Chief Real Estate Officer, Vulcan
  • Dr. Christof Koch, Chief Scientist and President, Allen Institute for Brain Science
  • Dr. Paul Ramsey, CEO, UW Medicine
  • John Schoettler, Vice President of Global Real Estate and Facilities, Amazon
  • Matthew Trunnell, Chief Data Officer, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

A special thank you to our Innovation Exchange event sponsors:

  • Presenting Sponsor: Vulcan Real Estate
  • Gold Sponsors: Amazon and Google.
  • Silver Sponsors: B2Launch, Evia, Mike Repass, Product Creation Studio, Seneca Group, and The Boeing Company.

2018 Innovation Breakfast

The 2018 What’s Next: Innovation Breakfast featured Former Washington State Governor and Challenge Seattle CEO Christine Gregoire discussing the region’s future as a global innovation hub.

During the event, Featured Innovators from some of the area’s most influential companies and institutions, like the Allen Institute for Brain Science, City of Seattle, Google, Facebook, GeekWire, and Puget Sound Energy, led table conversations on what’s hot in Seattle innovation.

Thank you to the 2018 Innovation Breakfast sponsors: B2Launch, The Boeing Company, Google, Product Creation Studio, and Michele and Stan Rosen. Generous in-kind support was provided by CORT Party Rental and Kaspars Special Events and Catering.

2017 Innovation Breakfast

The 2017 What’s Next? Civic Innovation Breakfast featured a stimulating discussion about the impressive steps our region is taking to better our communities through civic innovation.

Moderator Matt McIlwain of Madrona Venture Group led a panel discussion about fostering innovation as a community characteristic. Panelists were Chelo Picardal, Chief Technology Officer of the City of Bellevue; Preeti Shridhar, Deputy Public Affairs Administrator of the City of Renton; and Hannah Hill, Program Manager of Innovation Team at the City of Seattle. These local leaders spoke about their roles and projects that are improving the lives of their community members.

Thanks to the 2017 Innovation Breakfast sponsors: the Boeing Company, Google, and Michele and Stan Rosen. Generous in-kind support from Kaspars Catering & Events.

2016 Innovation Breakfast

The 2016 What’s Next: Innovation Breakfast featured entrepreneur, venture capitalist, civic activist, and author Nick Hanauer discussing the important role of diversity in innovative communities, and how it strengthens our ability to compete on a global stage.

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