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Democracy Dialogues: Our Political Landscape Post-Pandemic

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Please note: Recordings of Democracy Dialogues: Our Political Landscape Post-Pandemic are available for replay on SoundCloud and YouTube.

How will our political life change after the significant impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic? What lessons can we learn from the influenza pandemic that forever changed our region, and the world, in 1918?

Join MOHAI’s own Executive Director, Leonard Garfield, and Sandeep Kaushik for a conversation that looks at our history and projects into our future.

Generous support provided by RealNetworks Foundation.

Detailed information on how to participate will be provided via email following your registration. Space is limited, so register soon!

Real-time, automated captioning is available during the program. For additional support, contact

As a catalyst for relevant community conversation, MOHAI’s public programs include a diverse range of speakers and perspectives related to life in our region, past and present. In presenting this program MOHAI does not endorse or advocate any specific policies represented by the speakers, their organizations, or the co-presenters.

Cost: Free with $10 suggested ticket price


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