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Democracy Dialogues

On the second Saturday of the month, Democracy Dialogues brings together significant leaders for intimate conversations streamed directly to your home. Listen as they explore some of the most pressing issues impacting democracy in our time. Generous support provided by RealNetworks Foundation.

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Democracy Dialogues: Legalizing Equity in the Marijuana Industry

Widespread excitement followed the legalization of marijuana in Washington State. Voters’ approval of Initiative 502 promised new business opportunities but left Black marijuana entrepreneurs behind. In response, the new House Bill 2870 created a Marijuana Social Equity Program to ensure that communities disproportionately harmed by marijuana criminalization can participate in the new profits.

Hear from business owner Joy Hollingsworth and Commissioner Paula Sardinas about the challenges and opportunities that this new legislation brings.

Generous support provided by RealNetworks Foundation.

Democracy Dialogues: Our Political Landscape Post-Pandemic

How will our political life change after the significant impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic? What lessons can we learn from the influenza pandemic that forever changed our region, and the world, in 1918?

Join MOHAI’s own Executive Director, Leonard Garfield, and Sandeep Kaushik for a conversation that looks at our history and projects into our future.

Generous support provided by RealNetworks Foundation.

Democracy Dialogues: Understanding the Election

This historic presidential election, where voters came out in record numbers despite a global pandemic, has tested the strength of our democracy. The American public endured violence, delayed vote counts, lawsuits, and a president who refused to concede.

Join renowned political scientists Lance Bennett and Christopher Sebastian Parker to make sense of the election, and explore what it means for the future of the United States political landscape.

Generous support provided by RealNetworks Foundation.

Program date: January 9, 2021

Democracy Dialogues: Schooling the Public

What is the role of public schools in a strong democracy? Schools are funded by taxpayer choices, led by elected leaders, and tasked with shaping future voters. Yet, public schools are a consistent source of controversy and disagreement.

Hear from education experts Seattle Public School Board Director Brandon K. Hersey and University of Washington Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs Dr. Ed Taylor, and get your questions answered.

Generous support provided by Amazon and 4Culture.

Program date: December 12, 2020

Democracy Dialogues: The Evolution of Social Change

History doesn’t repeat, it rhymes. From the Black Power Movement to the Black Lives Matter Movement, revolutionaries and activists fight for a racially-just society, each generation using different tactics to pursue change. Join former Black Panther and current diversity consultant Elmer Dixon, and educator and activist Allani Seals for an inter-generational conversation exploring their shared commitments to justice and unique approaches to activism.

Presented in partnership with the Black Heritage Society of Washington State.

Generous support provided by 4Culture.

Program date: November 14, 2020

Democracy Dialogues: Political Parties and the Crisis of Democracy

Our two-party system has long been an imperfect tool for representation. Parties and elections are under increasing strain from money in elections, the corrosive effects of corporate lobbying, systemic racism and voter suppression. As we approach a critical presidential election, hear from political scientists Lance Bennett and Christopher Sebastian Parker who explore these issues and discuss how to restore citizen trust in our political system.

Generous support provided by 4Culture.

Program date: October 10, 2020

Democracy Dialogues: Vote-by-Mail

Faced with voting during a global pandemic, our local leaders are providing critical insights to the rest of the nation on Washington’s vote-by-mail system. Hear from Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman and King County Elections Director Julie Wise as they discuss the myths, challenges, and successes of voting by mail.

Generous support provided by 4Culture.

Program date: September 12, 2020

Generous support provided by

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