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Exploration and Innovation Packs

Use Exploration and Innovation Packs to go on a journey through MOHAI and investigate history in fun new ways.

Exploration Packs, best suited for kids ages 3-7, are filled with activities, props, a book, and more to help children and adults discover the museum together. Innovation Packs, best for kids ages 7-10, encourage young visitors to look at history with an innovator’s eye, focusing on creative thinking and new ideas.

What’s Inside

Exploration Packs

These packs focus on the theme of “exploration” through a variety of learning styles, from creative play and dress up to storybooks and games, and are designed to give early learners and their caregivers fun ways to interact with MOHAI’s exhibits. Exploration Packs include an I Spy gallery activity to help launch your MOHAI visit and spur conversation and close investigation of artifacts on display in the True Northwest exhibit. Exploration Packs are best suited for kids ages 3-7.

Innovation Packs

These packs focus on the theme of “innovation” and help ignite creative thinking and problem solving skills with puzzles, storybooks, and drawing activities. Together with their families, kids can discover innovations throughout history in the True Northwest exhibit, brainstorm new ideas based on museum exhibits, and feel empowered to see themselves as future innovators. Innovation Packs are best suited for kids ages 6-10.

Photo: Danielle Bortone-Holt

Investigate History

Ask about Exploration and Innovation Packs at the Admissions Desk.

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