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History Café: Lessons in Building Multiracial Unity with El Centro de la Raza

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
6:30 pm

Seattle’s Latino community successfully founded El Centro de la Raza, the Center for People of all Races, after a 3-month occupation of the old Beacon Hill School in 1972. With the support of a broad multi-racial coalition, today El Centro de la Raza provides important and comprehensive services bringing together communities to organize for lasting social change.

Hear from founders and community members on lessons learned from the occupation and how these inform current struggles for racial justice.

Photo: Jonathan Vanderweit

Real-time, automated captioning provided. For additional support, contact

History Café is produced as a partnership between HistoryLink and MOHAI.

Detailed information on how to participate will be provided via email following your registration. Capacity is limited so register soon!

Location: Online

Cost: Free with Registration

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