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Free First Thursday: Rosie the Riveter

This event has passed.

On the first Thursday of each month, general admission to MOHAI’s permanent exhibits is free all day long! Free admission includes: True Northwest: The Seattle Journey and the Bezos Center for Innovation.

Explore Al Smith’s brilliantly expressive photography & celebrate the neighborhood that inspired him in Seattle on the Spot: The Photographs of Al Smith. Seattle on the Spot exhibit price: $8 adults; $6 student/senior/military.

5th Avenue Theatre: Rosie the Riveter Performance

6—7 pm at MOHAI

MOHAI and the 5th Avenue Theatre are excited to offer a free public performance of “Rosie the Riveter”

During World War II, manufacturing plants that produced munitions and war supplies were in desperate need of workers. As many men were off at war, women, who typically worked in other trades or in the home, were asked to join the factory workforce to help the U.S. with the increasing demand of supplies. “Rosie the Riveter” became a cultural icon representing the female worker—loyal, efficient, and patriotic.

The can-do spirit of the Pacific Northwest in the 1940s comes to MOHAI in this fast, funny, and inspirational musical. Follow the adventures of young Rosie as she goes to work in a Seattle aircraft manufacturing plant to assist with the war effort and pursue her own dreams.

Location: MOHAI

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