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Looking for creative ways to learn about history with the young people in your home? Have fun with these activities that help inquisitive minds explore our region’s stories. We welcome your thoughts and feedback on these activities! Email your thoughts and suggestions to

Hand Washing Craft Activities and Storytime Suggestions

Learn about germs, the importance of handwashing, and more to help kids understand the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can do our part to prevent the spread of germs. Download: MOHAI Coughs and Sneezes Crafts and Storytime Packet (PDF)

Earth Day Home Activities

Explore some of the history of current environmental issues and activism with the young learners in your home. Download: MOHAI Earth Day Activities Packet (PDF)

Explore Black History in Seattle Parks

History is all around us! Use MOHAI activities and a list created by Seattle Parks and Recreation to explore the parks named after Black historical figures, and their histories and significant contributions to our city.

Explore Seattle’s Black History with Seattle Parks and Recreation (Part 1)

Explore Seattle’s Black History with Seattle Parks and Recreation (Part 2)

Download: MOHAI Explore Black History in Seattle Parks Activities Packet (PDF)

Quaranzine Craft

Create your own zine to help document your thoughts, feelings, and experiences about 2020!

Download: MOHAI Quaranzine Activity (PDF)

From Garbage to Greenspace

Learn about community organizing and more with this fun activity packet focused around the beloved book, Sofia Valdez, Future Prez from the Questioneers series of books. Enjoy this rhyming read about community organizing, local government, and leadership; learn about Seattle’s trashy history; and design your dream park! Download the activity packet now and share your park designs with the MOHAI Education team!

Download: MOHAI From Garbage to Greenspace Activities Packet (PDF)

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