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MOHAI offers two conference rooms with views of Lake Union and the Historic Ship Wharf.

Norcliffe Foundation Conference Rooms

Meetings of all types; media presentations; lectures

The adjacent Norcliffe Foundation Conference rooms have a removable wall in between them, and can be used separately or as single rooms. Each is equipped with comfortable and stylish conference furniture, projectors, pull-down screens, as well as ample electrical and data ports for all types of media presentations.

East Conference Room

Square feet: 575 ft²

Dimensions: 20’ x 26’

West Conference Room

Square feet: 519 ft²

Dimensions: 19’ x 26’

Combined Conference Rooms

Square feet: 1094 ft²

Dimensions: 39’ x 26’


Availability: Daily, 7 am–midnight; may be combined

Capacity: Up to 25 single; up to 50 combined

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