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Each year, MOHAI partners with GeekWire to present the Seattle 10—a collection of history-making local start-up companies. These ground-breaking businesses reproduce their ideas on giant cocktail napkins, which are displayed in a pop-up exhibit at the museum. See the exciting work being done by these innovative companies, as well as how they are impacting both Seattle and the world.

Seattle and Puget Sound companies are pushing the boundaries of innovation and inspiring the future.

Innovation doesn’t just happen in a lab, in an office building, or in front of a computer—it’s all around us, especially in a place like Seattle. For the fifth year in a row, in partnership with GeekWire, MOHAI has conducted a search for the Seattle 10—the ten most promising and innovative startup companies in the region. These young companies range in focus from artificial intelligence to football helmets to healthcare management and draw on revolutionary technologies that aspire to change the world.

The Seattle 10 Class of 2017 Exhibit Installation

The Seattle 10 Class of 2016 Exhibit Installation

Class of 2015

Class of 2014

Class of 2013

Class of 2017

Say hello to the brightest startups in 2017


Leveraging artificial intelligence to create genuine interactions  

Amplero’s artificial intelligence marketing platform leverages machine learning to optimize customer interactions. Their proprietary system allows companies to quickly test and analyze thousands of scenarios, so they can automatically deliver the correct message or experience to maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty.



Making housing accessible and affordable for everyone

Blokable creates sleek and environmentally-friendly modular housing units for community-based developers who desire an optimally functional, turn-key unit. The company’s 260-square-foot MicroBlok modular units, which include full bathrooms and kitchenettes, focus on affordable and workforce housing developments, student housing, and senior living.


Helping applicants successfully navigate the legal immigration process

Boundless empowers families to navigate the immigration system more confidently, rapidly, and affordably. The startup collects information from applicants and uses technology to fill out forms, offer advice, and provide support along the way. Once the application packet is complete, Boundless reviews the paperwork, helps the customer submit it, and provides interview preparation, educational materials, and reminders for deadlines.


Bringing the feeling of touch to virtual reality 

HaptX helps make virtual experiences indistinguishable from real life. The startup has developed a “haptic textile” that works with virtual reality hardware to give users the sensation of touch as they experience virtual reality. The “haptic textile” simulates lifelike touch, allowing users to feel the texture, shape, motion, vibration, and temperature of virtual objects.


Transforming IT into a business accelerator 

Heptio provides training, support, and services to speed integration of Kubernetes, one of the key building blocks in helping developers simplify how they deploy software. Heptio helps scale Kubernetes for developers and operators, reducing the cost and complexity of running these systems in production environments.


Giving home buyers a boost 

Loftium helps home buyers get over the down payment hurdle. The company pays part of the down payment for home buyers willing to rent out a spare bedroom in their new house on Airbnb and split the profits, allowing home buyers to overcome high down payment costs and purchase the house of their dreams.


Revolutionizing the way food crops are grown

Phytelligence uses a proprietary growing process to ensure plants are healthier, virus-free, and genetically confirmed before they ship to growers. The startup’s unique culture process grows trees in a custom gel blend rather than traditional soil — a method that provides all necessary nutrients without the need for water. Each variety and type of plant receives its own custom gel formulation, ensuring that it’s ready to take off as soon as it’s planted.


Building a safer football helmet 

Vicis engineers cutting-edge football helmets designed to mitigate the forces thought to cause concussions. Unlike traditional helmets, the outer shell is deformable and yields much like a car bumper upon impact, helping young athletes avoid concussions and play safer.


Making car repair hassle free

Wrench matches certified car repair experts with those in need of a fix. Customers book services online and Wrench sends a certified mechanic to their preferred location to perform the repair. The startup’s services cover almost anything that a shop or dealership would provide, offering everything from oil changes, tune ups, to brake jobs.


Improving the connection between physicians and patients

Xealth is a cloud-based platform that allows doctors to send digital treatments like instructional videos to patients. Their platform lets hospitals take advantage of materials from digital vendors and integrates with existing tools like electronic medical records. Patients can then actively manage their health by accessing these digital tools from their provider’s portal.


Class of 2016

Say hello to the brightest startups in 2016


Facilitating seamless authentication and approval

Auth0 provides zero-friction authentication and authorization for developers. This identity and access management solution is for cloud-hybrid applications and APIs, and adds high levels of security with just a few lines of code by leveraging existing verification options. Ultimately, Auth0 allows developers to control how a person’s identity is used and make the internet safer.

Coding Dojo

Transforming anyone into a software developer

Coding Dojo transforms people from all backgrounds into professional software developers through bootcamp programs at physical and online campuses. It is one of the highest rated coding bootcamps, and is the only one to teach three full technology stacks in a single program. Through learning software development, students gain new, previously unattainable career opportunities.


Using technology to make shipping easier

Convoy uses technology to transform the freight shipping industry with free tools for small trucking companies. Using an on-demand app service, trucking companies and shippers are quickly matched without the traditional legwork. With guaranteed capacity, reducing wasted miles, and real-time GPS tracking on all shipments, it is easier for shippers and carriers alike to transport freight.

M3 Biotechnology

Developing neurodegenerative disease therapies

M3 Biotechnology’s primary focus to alter the course of Alzheimer’s Disease progression and neuro-deterioration. M3 has patented and proprietary technologies differentiating itself to create disease-modifying treatments with the potential to restore lost connections between brain cells, turning degeneration into regeneration.


Delivering performance insights for efficient sales

Outreach has transformed the sales process by driving collaboration between sales and marketing and producing higher revenues. The Outreach delivers performance and insights that result in greater velocity and more efficient selling. By automating and prioritizing all customer touchpoints throughout the sales process, Outreach triples the productivity of sales teams.


Realizing the future of mixed reality storytelling

Pixvana is building a cloud-based video creation and delivery platform for the emerging mediums of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR). Pixvana’s mission is to enable creators to realize the future of XR storytelling. In December 2016, the beta program SPIN Studio was launched which delivers optimized virtual reality video to any headset.


Connecting families to their villages

It takes a village to raise a child. Poppy’s mission is to use data and technology to connect every family to a trusted community wherever they are. Poppy finds and screens the best sitters and nannies in a neighborhood and creates a customized team based on shared values and fit. Poppy now serves hundreds of families each week across Seattle.


Giving pet parents access to personalized care connects pet parents with the nation’s largest network of loving and trustworthy pet sitters and dog walkers. Through Rover, pet parents can discover, book, and manage personalized care for their dogs. By removing common pet care obstacles, Rover ensures dogs are happy and well-cared for even when their human is away.


Orchestrating the customer journey

Usermind provides the first platform for orchestrating the customer journey. Built for non-developers, Usermind makes it simple to integrate enterprise applications, map data, automate end-to-end processes, measure impact, and take instant action to improve business outcomes. Enterprises can then experiment with and execute on customer experience with the agility of a startup.


Charging the growing ecosystem of robot fleets

WiBotic provides infrastructure for autonomous systems. These wireless power solutions are integral to charging the rapidly growing ecosystem of aerial, mobile, and aquatic robot fleets. Autonomous wireless charging, power management, and remote access enables users to monitor, maintain, and optimize the uptime of robot fleets.

Class of 2015

Say hello to the brightest startups in 2015


A marketplace for algorithms

Algorithmia enables developers to create tomorrow’s smart applications today. This first-of-its-kind marketplace for algorithms unlocks the building blocks of human intelligence, providing access to world class scientific research and artificial intelligence in five lines of code or less. Developers can easily recognize patterns in data, extract visual knowledge, understand audio, classify unstructured data, derive meaning from language, and more. Algorithmia is the largest marketplace for algorithms in the world, with more than 14,000 developers leveraging 1,600+ algorithms.


Providing a scientific path to optimize wellness

Arivale is a scientific wellness company leveraging cutting-edge research, personalized data, and tailored coaching to help people optimize their health and avoid disease. Using people’s unique genetic makeup, characteristics, and lifestyle, Arivale provides a scientific path to wellness. Leading scientists and investors with strong track records in health, wellness, biotech breakthroughs guide Arivale.


Organizing, analyzing and visualizing the world’s product information

Indix is an intelligence platform that helps businesses analyze and visualize a vast amount of up-to-date product information. The platform offers a robust analytics platform that enables product managers to easily find information relating to pricing, promotions, reviews, competition and the market.


A mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers

OfferUp was started in 2011 with one mission: to make buying and selling locally as easy as taking a photo. Today, OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers in the country. The app is free, personal information is secure, a rating system provides feedback on the best sellers, and ultimately saves users’ time.


Connecting local restaurants with hungry office workers

Peach is a food delivery company linking local restaurants with hungry office workers. The need for delivery fees and tips is eliminated by grouping orders from high density offices via a daily text service, and utilizing partner restaurants’ greater capacity during their morning downtime. Restaurants experience a virtual lunch rush before 11 am, and customers get local lunches at local prices delivered to their front desk by the lunch hour.

Pluto VR

Connecting people through augmented and virtual reality

The world is increasingly connected. With video conferencing, social media, and online gaming, people can interact, work, and play like never before. But talking into a phone, sharing a video, or looking at a webcam still does not come close to what it’s like to sit across from someone and share an experience. With augmented and virtual reality technology, it is now possible to feel a sense of presence with others, whether in-person or remotely. This is what Pluto VR is building.


Storing and managing enormous amounts of digital assets

Qumulo fundamentally changes the way enterprises store and manage enormous amounts of digital assets. Through data-aware scale-out storage software, the company enables customers to answer critical questions about their data footprint in real-time and at incredible scale. Qumulo Core is a software-only solution designed to leverage the price/performance of commodity hardware coupled with the modern technologies of flash, virtualization, and cloud.


Utilizing experts to provide solutions to data challenges

Spare5 is a mobile platform providing business solutions to big data challenges by engaging experts and combining their insights with machine learning. The Spare5 mobile user community, referred to as Fives, is paid to complete micro-tasks for Spare5’s business customers. Businesses are able to find specific demographics, skills, and interests that match their needs to get high-quality, data-driven results.


Powering the intelligent text for business documents

The future of business documents is knowing how they will perform before they are published. Textio is creating software to power this intelligent text revolution. Using AI on top of very large data sets to find the patterns that work, Textio gives people real-time feedback on their documents right as they are typing. Nearly 2,000 companies already use Textio Talent to optimize job listings, email, and other recruiting content to reach the most talented and diverse candidates on the market.


An exhilarating eSports wagering experience

Founded in 2014, Unikrn is an eSports wagering service that provides long-standing fans and newcomers alike with a safe and legal place to gather, game, and bet. With games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and more, there’s always something to watch and bet on at Unikrn.

Class of 2014

Say hello to the brightest startups in 2014


Dato—formerly GraphLab—improves machine learning so that people can easily build and deploy intelligent applications and services at scale.


EveryMove gives individuals the ability to use their tracked fitness data to lower healthcare costs through employer and health plan based incentives.

Front Desk

Front Desk is a mobile client management software that helps entrepreneurs manage clients, schedules, billing, and other time-consuming tasks that come with running a business.


Grayl makes a unique water filtration technology to create safe drinking water for use at home or in the most remote locations.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck provides an easy way to create beautiful and effective presentations that stand out from traditional methods.


Koru is a talent marketplace filling the gap between college and career by providing grads with relevant skills and connecting them with top companies.


Kymeta builds technology that brings satellite broadband to any kind of moving vehicle or vessel through smaller and more efficient devices. helps homeowners estimate the cost of home projects, find pros, and schedule appointments instantly.


Remitly is a mobile payments service enabling consumers to conveniently make international money transfers using desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.


WISErg converts food scraps into an organic liquid fertilizer capable of growing produce with higher crop yields with their Harvester technology.

Class of 2013

Say hello to the first class of the Seattle 10

Context Relevant

Context Relevant builds predictive software systems capable of analyzing the massive amounts of data found in today’s businesses and financial industries.


CreativeLive makes dynamic education accessible to everyone through online workshops with real-time instructors.


Hointer helps retailers build shopping experiences by merging the convenience of online shopping with a digitally enhanced in-store experience.


Innovega is developing eyewear technology that enhances human vision and simultaneously accesses digital media while wearers remain fully engaged in other activities.




Modumetal manufactures new nanolaminated alloys with the potential to replace conventional metals and composites in many industries.

Planetary Resources

Planetary Resources is developing an asteroid prospecting spacecraft to mine near-Earth asteroids for their resources.


Porch facilitates home improvement decisions by giving homeowners the services they need to find the right professionals, get inspiration, and manage their home.


Presage Biosciences

Presage Biosciences uses a technology platform to assess the effectiveness of multiple cancer-fighting therapeutics.




SNUPI provides homeowners with sensors that protect their homes from environmental hazards such as water damage and mold.



TUNE—formerly HasOffers—helps marketers effectively manage their mobile campaigns with consolidated and clearly presented performance data.


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