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Rainy Day History Podcast

What is Seattle’s story? Who does it belong to? How did we get to where we are now?

Welcome to Rainy Day History, a podcast by the MOHAI Youth Advisors. Seattle is famous for its coffee beans and digital machines, but it hasn’t always been that way. We’re diving into history to uncover what it means to be a Seattleite both in the past and the present. This isn’t your everyday museum podcast—it’s completely teen-researched, written, and produced! #MOHAIteens

Coming Soon: Rainy Day History

Rainy Day History is a podcast by the MOHAI Youth Advisors (MYA). Dive into the muddy and complicated waters of Seattle’s past, its struggles with inclusion and exclusion, and histories of community, survival, and belonging. Each episode of Rainy Day History highlights one object on display in MOHAI at a time, to explore what stories it has to tell about what it means to be a Seattleite.

Discover the history of objects that are personal and political – childhood treasures abandoned in times of war, a memorable discotheque marquee, protest art, and more – and examine the legacies that the events surrounding them have left for this city.

This podcast is entirely researched, written, and produced by the MOHAI Youth Advisors, a dedicated and creative group of high school students who guide the museum in what teens want and need. You can find out more about MYA at

MYA wants Seattle history to belong to all of us who are often marginalized in textbooks. These episodes are filled with our own arguments, thoughts, worries, and musings.

 New episodes coming in late September 2019!

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