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Drop by MOHAI on Summer Mondays for hands-on learning experiences designed to be shared by early learners and their grown-ups.

Drop by MOHAI on Summer Mondays for hands-on learning especially created for early learners (our 3-5 year-old friends) and their grown-ups!

This summer experience a variety of interactive pop-up exhibits around the museum exploring the clothes that people wear in Seattle. Are your clothes more fashionable, functional, or a little of both?

Innovate, create, and play with sensory bins, dramatic play, story books, crafts, and more.

miniMOHAI takes place every Monday in July and August from 10 am—1 pm and is included with museum admission.

Book miniMOHAI

Any group with 10 or more kids can book miniMOHAI, including families!

Stations and activities share a common learning theme that can be extended to the home or the classroom. Choose one of four themes (Building the City, Transportation Innovations, Farm to Food, or Seattle Style) and three out of five stations (story time, dramatic play, math and patterns, crafts, or fine motor).

Larger groups may book all five stations upon request.

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