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George Tsutakawa Archives

George Tsutakawa’s Seattle Sculptures

Walk down many streets in Seattle, and you are likely to discover a George Tsutakawa fountain sculpture. An internationally-renowned Japanese American sculptor, Tsutakawa drew from his observations of nature to create the bronze masterpieces that are now integral to our urban landscape.

Available through December 31, 2021

Embark on this online neighborhood tour, curated by Mayumi Tsutakawa, and learn about the art, the artist and the Tsutakawa family legacy.

This online tour includes historic images of Tsutakawa’s sculptures, maps to help you navigate to stops, as well as audio clips and featured podcasts to listen to as you navigate to stops. Choose your own adventure by walking, biking, or driving on this four-part tour. Or join us online from anywhere to learn more!

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Photo: George Tsutakawa Archives

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