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Curator’s Lecture

In this annual lecture series, curators and special guests share new perspectives on MOHAI’s artifacts, exhibits and stories. Hear from familiar and fresh voices as they reveal the compelling narratives and diverse experiences that are embedded in MOHAI’s distinctive and extraordinary historical resources.

— Series Inaugural Lecture —

Allegedly: Possibly True Stories from the MOHAI Collection

September 29, 2020, 7 pm

The first zipper in Seattle? Abraham Lincoln’s binoculars? A flag made from petticoats?

Among MOHAI’s cherished artifacts are objects with unverifiable or even dubious histories. But the mysteries can be intriguing stories themselves, providing insights into the past as well as how we understand history.

In this special lecture by Clara Berg, MOHAI’s Curator of Collections, hear about the challenges of using objects to document history, as well as the surprising ways that they can unlock stories that would otherwise remain hidden.

Do you have ideas for a topic or speaker that you would like to nominate for participation in this annual series? Contact with your suggestion.

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