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February 19 – March 3, 2022

The Black and Tan Collection

For nearly five decades, the Black and Tan Club on 12th and Jackson hosted legendary musical acts and local bands for patrons of all races as one of the first interracial establishments in Seattle. To honor the influential history of Seattle’s early Black jazz scene, artist Bonnie Hopper created oil paintings of the renowned musicians who played at the nightclub.

Come view The Black and Tan Collection at MOHAI from February 19th-21st.

Generous support for the artist provided by 4Culture.

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The Black and Tan Collection opens at MOHAI on February 19-21 and is free with museum admission.

Artist Bonnie Hopper

Bonnie Hopper was born and raise in Seattle Washington and is one of thirteen children. In 1987 she applied to and was accepted into the advertising art program at Seattle Community College where she studied art for two years. Although art has always played an important role in Bonnie’s life she did not pursue her dream of becoming a professional artist until 2008 when she was commissioned to do a portrait by a friend of the family. In 2016 Bonnie began her association with Onyx Fine Arts Collective in Seattle taking part the “Truth B Told” exhibition for artist of African decent at the King Street Station where she sold several for her resin works. Since then Bonnie has had three solo exhibitions. Two at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and the Renton Technical College.

Producer Chris Hopper

Chris Hopper is an African American Writer/ Producer and Director who’s plays center on the African American experience. His latest Production ‘The Black and Tan’ is set to premiere fall of 2022. Look for updates on our website at

Exhibit Support

Generous support for the artist provided by 4Culture

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