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We the Innovators: Creativity in the Time of COVID-19

This event has passed.

Out of a time of loss and pain has also emerged great resilience and creativity. Living through a global pandemic has meant constantly adapting to changing circumstances and finding ways to persevere despite restrictions.

Join this live conversation about the innovative solutions utilized to care for each other and meet community needs. Hear from organizers, students, and scientists as we explore what lessons we can take with us moving forward.

Speakers include:

  • Marlon Herrera, CID Coalition
  • Meilani Mandery, CID Coalition
  • Lexi Walls, UW Biochemistry

In preparation for the program, share the pandemic innovations you see around you and in your own life—as well as your questions for the speakers.

This event is created in collaboration with the MOHAI Youth Advisors.

Detailed information on how to participate will be provided via email following your registration. Space is limited, so register soon!

Real-time, automated captioning is available during the program. For additional support, contact

As a catalyst for relevant community conversation, MOHAI’s public programs include a diverse range of speakers and perspectives related to life in our region, past and present. In presenting this program MOHAI does not endorse or advocate any specific policies represented by the speakers, their organizations, or the co-presenters.

Location: Online

Cost: Free, with $5 suggested ticket price

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