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The Rowdy and the Respectable: A Walking History of Georgetown

This event has passed.

Join MOHAI and the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild for a series of social history walking tours around Seattle this summer!

This tour, led by Miriam Roskin, starts and ends at the east side of Oxbow Park and explores the colorful past and vibrant present of one of Seattle’s oldest and most intriguing neighborhoods. Since 1851, when the Collins party’s arrival upended centuries of Duwamish tradition along a lazy oxbow river, Georgetown’s social history has been characterized by an almost constant tension between the rowdy and the respectable — evident even today in Georgetown’s residential and commercial streets and sights.

This event is sold-out, and the wait list is now full.

Looking for more ways to explore Seattle’s story this summer? The social history walking tour series continues in August with the Seattle’s Original Gayborhood Walking Tour and Becoming a City: Walking North Lake’s Urban Evolution.  

Location: Oxbow Park, 6430 Corson Ave. S

Cost: $10 for MOHAI and PNW Historians Guild members / $20 general public


Attend Not Your Princess to meet contemporary artists and scholars who resist colonial narratives, shatter stereotypes, and celebrate Native culture.

This free program is part of the Beyond the Frame, a community wide-initiative revisiting the photographs of Edward Curtis and Native American identity, race and resilience, and art and culture. Complimentary childcare provided with registration.

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