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Educator Workshop: Teaching with Collections

Saturday, March 12, 2022
10 am – 2 pm

Join MOHAI educators as we explore MOHAI’s online collection and how you can use it to support classroom learning. Learn how to conduct research using MOHAI’s collection, build tools that support object-based inquiry, and create multi-disciplinary learning experiences that stretch students’ critical and creative thinking skills—both in the classroom and through remote learning. Educators will learn how to navigate our online collection, use MOHAI Education tools to engage students, and create fun and meaningful activities that use historical thinking to examine the world around them.

Coffee and box lunch provided. Three clock hours are available through Puget Sound Educational Service District.

Scholarships are available – email for further information.

Max capacity: 10-15 participants

Location: MOHAI

Cost: $45 with clock hours, $30 without

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