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Disruption: What’s New (And Not) About Work During The Pandemic Era

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Please note: Recordings of Disruption: What’s New (And Not) About Work During The Pandemic Era are available for replay on SoundCloud and YouTube.

COVID-19 has changed our work-life in dramatic ways: blurring distinctions between home and work, casting low-wage workers on the frontlines as “essential” without safety measures, and highlighting existing racial and gender disparities in our work.

Join us for a panel conversation featuring the experiences of front-line workers, labor advocates, and historical researchers who together will help us reconsider the role that work plays in our lives.

Speakers include:

  • Adair Dammann, Washington State Labor Education and Research Center, South Seattle College (Moderator)
  • Carmen Figueroa, Working Washington Gig Worker and Advocate (Panelist)
  • Diana Johnson, Historian (Panelist)
  • April Sims, Washington State Labor Council (Panelist)

This program is co-presented by MOHAI and the Labor Archives of Washington, University of Washington Libraries.

Detailed information on how to participate will be provided via email following your registration. Space is limited, so register soon!

Real-time, automated captioning is available during the program. For additional support, contact

As a catalyst for relevant community conversation, MOHAI’s public programs include a diverse range of speakers and perspectives related to life in our region, past and present. In presenting this program MOHAI does not endorse or advocate any specific policies represented by the speakers, their organizations, or the co-presenters.

Cost: Free, with $5 suggested ticket price

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