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Democracy Dialogues: Political Parties and the Crisis of Democracy

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Please note: Recordings of Democracy Dialogues: Political Parties and the Crisis of Democracy are available for replay on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Our two-party system has long been an imperfect tool for representation. Parties and elections are under increasing strain from money in elections, the corrosive effects of corporate lobbying, systemic racism and voter suppression.

As we approach a critical presidential election, hear from political scientists Lance Bennett and Christopher Sebastian Parker who explore these issues and discuss how to restore citizen trust in our political system.

Democracy Dialogues: On the second Saturday of the month, Democracy Dialogues brings together significant leaders for intimate conversations streamed directly to your home. Listen as they explore some of the most pressing issues impacting democracy in our time. Generous support provided by 4Culture.

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Location: Online

Cost: Free with $10 suggested ticket price


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