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Community Conversation: Democracy in the Age of Pandemic and Protest

Saturday, October 17, 2020
7 pm

Our great American experiment declared the ideal of equality for all, yet the global pandemic has exposed long simmering economic and racial inequities in our society. What is the role of democracy in responding to our current crises? How can the present moment be leveraged to make lasting change?

Join us for rich conversation featuring activists, scholars, politicians, and journalists to explore possibilities for our collective democratic future. Generous support provided by 4Culture and RealNetworks.

Moderated by Enrique Cerna with panelists:

  • David Domke
  • Charles Douglas III
  • Nikkita Oliver
  • Omari Salisbury

And a video introduction by Larry Gossett.

Photo: Susan Fried

Real-time, automated captioning provided. For additional support, contact

Detailed information on how to participate will be provided via email following your registration. Capacity is limited so register soon!

Location: Online

Cost: $10 Suggested Donation


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