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Digital Fire Day

Celebrate the 131st anniversary of the Great Seattle Fire with MOHAI and the Seattle Fire Department at this free, family-friendly, virtual event sponsored by Amazon (with optional programming in Spanish).

Your young firefighters-in-training will love learning fire safety tips, making crafts at home, participating in online story time with a real Seattle firefighter, and watching other fun videos!

Digital Fire Day Live

Tune in live from 10 am to 1 pm on the Seattle Fire Department’s Facebook page!

See how our Seattle firefighters put on their safety equipment, take a digital tour of a fire engine, and explore what it takes to become a firefighter. You’ll have the chance to learn fire safety and prevention tips from the Seattle Fire Department, make a paper fire truck or fire dog puppet, and even participate in a special live digital Firefighter Story Time.

Live Schedule

10 am – Story Time and Ask the Fire Chief with Chief Scoggins (Spanish and English Q&A)  

10:30 am – Story Time and Ask a Firefighter with Firefighter Leo Castaneda (Spanish Q&A)

10:40 am – The Great Seattle Fire

10:45 am – Seattle Fire Boat Tour

10:55 am – Medic Unit Tour

11 am – Story Time and Ask the Fire Chief with Chief Scoggins (Spanish and English Q&A)  

11:30 am – Fire Dog Demonstration and Q&A with Firefighter Jason Kent and Fire Dog Cannon (Spanish and English Q&A)

12:05 pm – Fire Station Tour

12:15 pm – Bunking Gear Tour

12:25 pm – Fire Engine Tour

12:30 pm – A Day in the Life with Lt. Amina Baker and Firefighter Leo Castaneda (Spanish and English Q&A)

Fire Day Activities

The Seattle Fire Department has two activity books chock-full of fun and easy ways to teach your child about fire safety. Practice word, math, and safety skills with puzzles and crafts! Make your own smoke alarm and look for home hazards. Download activity booklets here.

Learn about the Great Seattle Fire of 1889 and the pivotal role it played in Seattle’s early development. Download activities here.

Build and decorate your very own fire engine, and a fire dog puppet to match! Download the instructions and templates below to get started:

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