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ARTS Neighborhood Recovery

MOHAI is pleased to announce that the museum has been selected as a Lead Organization in the South Lake Union neighborhood, and will be distributing funds made available through the City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture (ARTS). MOHAI is launching a one-time Request-For-Proposals (RFP) for arts and culture recovery funding in our neighborhood. These funds distributed through the City of Seattle ARTS are being dispersed through Lead Organizations like MOHAI throughout Seattle.

About ARTS Neighborhood Recovery

The funding available supports arts and culture activations that are in the South Lake Union neighborhood, and that assist in arts and culture recovery efforts. Funds are available in various amounts up to $20,000 for activities that will be completed before September 15, 2023, led by non-profits or organizations that have a Seattle Business License.

MOHAI prioritizes projects serving and/or led by groups that have been most negatively impacted by the COVID pandemic, and that align with both MOHAI’s and the City of Seattle’s commitments to equity, inclusion and public safety.

These contracts are made on a reimbursement basis with deliverables that will be outlined in the contracts. While you may apply to other Lead Organizations for projects in other designated areas, you can receive funding for only one award.

To find out more, read the detailed application guidelines.

The application period is now closed. Please submit questions about the program to


What is an arts and culture event or activation?

Examples of public activations or events include:

  • A series of performances at an indoor or outdoor venue
  • Temporary public art or lighting (permit/approval must be secured prior to award)
  • Festivals, fairs, or public events (can be for specific part of a larger event)
  • Art exhibits
  • Art or cultural workshops or classes

The project can exist prior to this grant, and can continue in some form after the grant, but must have a public component that is completed in time to submit final reports by September 15, 2023.

What makes it a COVID recovery project?

There are a lot of ways that the arts and culture event or activation could invest in COVID recovery for the South Lake Union neighborhood. In your application, be sure to describe how those involved have been impacted by COVID, and how this project responds to those needs. Examples of COVID recovery impact include:

  • Hiring artists, cultural works and those who lost work during the COVID pandemic
  • Providing space and/or tools for recognition of COVID’s impact, and healing from that impact
  • Making investments that help arts and culture orgs and/or communities negatively impacted by COVID to recover from the economic and other challenges
  • Creating opportunities to rebuild community connections amongst those most impacted by COVID

This list is not comprehensive and is intended to provide guidance and inspiration. Share your ideas in your application.

How do I know if I am in South Lake Union?

Applicants should propose an event or activation in the South Lake Union neighborhood as defined by these boundaries:

  • on the north: Lake Union,
  • on the east: I-5,
  • on the west: Dexter Avenue,
  • on the south: Denny

Applicants do not need to have their primary address in the designated neighborhood/community, however, the activation or event must be within South Lake Union neighborhood.

ARTS Neighborhood Recovery Boundaries Map

I am an artist. Can I get funding?

This specific COVID Recovery Funding is intended to support arts and culture organizations, rather than individual artists. Funded projects may support the work of multiple artists, but this grant can only be awarded to non-profit organizations or small businesses with a Seattle Business License. If the small business is a sole proprietor (like an artist or musician), they may apply if they are collaborating with other individual artists. Artists may choose to work with a sponsor organization to support their project.

Who will review the applications?

The selection committee includes South Lake Union community leaders and MOHAI staff who work closely with community. Committee members who have a personal or professional connection to an applicant will recuse themselves from reviewing that specific application, and the related discussion.

What is the selection criteria?

You can find this and other important information in the ARTS Neighborhood Recovery Application Guidelines.

What is the timeline of this funding opportunity?

Key dates and deadlines for the ARTS Neighborhood Recovery are shown below. For more detailed information, read the Application Guidelines.

Key Dates and Deadlines

February 1st Application open/available (includes Guidelines, Application, & Budget Template) Applications accessible on
March 1 Application deadline. Submit applications via
End of March Review panel meets to discuss each application in relation to the program criteria and make funding recommendations.
April Applicants are notified whether they have been recommended for funding, are contracted with, and events can begin.
Ongoing Awardees carry-out arts and cultural events.
September 15 Awardees submit their reporting documents to MOHAI and final report due no later than September 15, 2023.

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