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Activities, Guides, and Teacher Tools

Make the most out of an upcoming field trip, including pre- and post-visit activities, as well as resources for using primary sources in the classroom.

Introduction to Primary Source Analysis

Use these worksheets to introduce students to the different ways they can use primary sources when learning about history.

Introduction to Artifact Analysis

Introduction to Document Analysis

Introduction to Photograph Analysis

Visit Guidelines and Documentation

These resources can be used for learners and educators alike to prepare for their visit to MOHAI. Additional information is also included in each reservation confirmation.

Planning a Field Trip to MOHAI

Guidelines for Students and Chaperones

Scholarship Bus Reimbursement Form

Bus Parking Map

Pre-Visit Materials

Use these lessons and activities to introduce students to content that will be discussed during their field trip to MOHAI.

Creating Our Community Pre-Visit Activities; Grade K-2

Cracking the History Code: Settling Around the Sound; Grade 3-5

Cracking the History Code: Salish Stories; Grade 3-5

Self-Guided Gallery Activities

Download scavenger hunts and other gallery activities that students can use to explore MOHAI’s exhibits.

True Northwest Scavenger Hunt (Grade K-2)

True Northwest Bi-lingual Spanish/English Scavenger Hunt (Grade K-2)

True Northwest Scavenger Hunt (Grade 3-6)

True Northwest Scavenger Hunt (Grade 7-9)

True Northwest Scavenger Hunt (Grade 10-12)

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