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Photo: Barbie Hull

What’s Next: Innovation Breakfast

Innovation stemming from the Pacific Northwest has changed the world. Seattle is, and always has been, home to distinguished visionaries. From products and services, music and airplanes, to medicine and social wellbeing, the ideas cultivated here have had a global impact.

How has this small corner of the country had such an enormous impact? What are the stories of this unique locale that bring people together? What are the objects and narratives from the past that delight, disturb, and inspire? MOHAI exhibits brings these questions to life. MOHAI’s annual innovation event celebrates and explores Seattle’s distinct role as an innovation hub.

Thank you to Nick Hanauer, the attendees, and those that generously gave at the 2016 What’s Next: Innovation Breakfast. All proceeds from this event supported MOHAI’s educational programs that inspire the regions’ youth to become the next generation of innovators.

2016 Innovation Breakfast

Diversity and Innovation: America’s Most Valuable Resources

2016 Keynote Speaker: Nick Hanauer

The 2016 What’s Next: Innovation Breakfast featured entrepreneur, venture capitalist, civic activist, and author Nick Hanauer discussing the important role of diversity in innovative communities, and how it strengthens our ability to compete on a global stage.

Photo: Barbie Hull

Talking about Innovation

Guests were invited to network and discuss original ventures prior to the breakfast event.